I'm a developer, designer, photographer, and writer. I hold degrees in philosophy, English, and finance. My broad experience ranges across professional services, not-for-profits, tutoring, research, and creative work. Due to this background, I combine strong problem-solving and communication skills with commercial awareness, aesthetic sensitivity, and technical knowledge. I perform my best when using a mixture of analytical thinking and creativity to help solve problems.

I've written two novels, A Confession and Two Brothers, and self-published one photography book, Salt Of The Earth. I'm currently working on my third novel. This follows the journey of Michael Byrne who sails to Van Diemen’s Land working as a carpenter. Days of thieving and roaming begin as he encounters a land that is equal parts strange, mysterious, terrifying, violent, and beautiful. The narrative plays out amidst the harsh conditions of early nineteenth century Tasmania. My fiction work is not online, but on this site you'll find samples of my academic writing and photographs, plus my developer and design experience.

I grew up in Fremantle, Western Australia, but caught the travel bug early. I blame my dad for this. After a short stint in the corporate world, I left and booked a one-way ticket to Pakistan. I've since roamed far and wide, having set foot in 33 countries over six continents. During time spent in India, I encountered Vipassana meditation, which is a form of Buddhist meditation. Since then, I've developed a regular meditation practice and have sat three 10-day Vipassana courses at locations in Australia and Europe.

If you're wanting to tell a story, but you're unsure which tools to use, then please get in touch. I can help you form the idea, and then craft it into a unique reality.

Smile today won't ya.